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Download the Decade of Doctor Who Bundle with μTorrent

The celebrated series reboot marks ten years since its return with a ten episode box set featuring specially selected highlights from the last ten years of New Who for $12.

Doctor Who Bundle

The reboot of the Doctor Who has become a global phenomenon. Ten years ago, the Doctor’s journey began anew with Russell T Davies and “Rose”. The Time Lord moved into the 21st century, and demanded we look beyond it, too: into our shared history, our future; towards the edge of what’s possible when it comes to adventures and storytelling.

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Speed Up Your File Transfers with Connectify

connectify dispatch

We’re about to show you a video that’ll change your mind about the speed and reliability of your Internet connection. You’ll witness engineers eating their own dog food. Sounds disgusting, right? Well, it’s not quite what you think. Dogfooding is a techie term used amongst software companies to describe how their developers demonstrate the competency of the product they’re promoting.

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What’s New: The DJ Shadow Revolution, Radiohead is our Friend, Last Day to Win + More

There’s been a lot going on around here lately, all good though. We upgraded µTorrent to version 3.2, introduced our API to the world (in alpha format), and got some pretty impressive accolades from a band you might have heard of – Radiohead. Most importantly, we released a new DJ Shadow Bundle that will make him the first artist to get paid on our platform. This is also the last day to win one of our limited-edition tee-shirts. Let’s get to it…

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[Limited Offer] Free-For-Life P2P Backup For Your Computer (because we like you)


After years of secretly watching the annual ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ special, I finally get to have my own Oprah moment.  Today µTorrent is giving away free licenses for Digital Lifeboat.

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What a Day on µTorrent Looks Like

What does 24 hours of people checking in on BitTorrent and µTorrent look like? See the video above – this represents client check-ins with our servers from the 60 million torrent clients we had out there in January, last year (we’re growing our user base, day by day – so we’ll be able to bring you an even brighter one soon).

This map was put together by our in-house data science team using GeoIP and was inspired by space – no, really, the NASA/NOAA Earth At Night map.