Release Notes: Mac - Web Client

– Update backend components and toolchains for Windows and macOS
– Improve correctness of backend network request handlers
– Improve support for Chrome 107 and beyond
– Fix spurious “Add Torrent Failed” notifications on Chrome 105 and beyond
– Fix setting of incorrect network headers for some requests

– Fix potential crash when attempting to create torrents in directories with no permissions
– Fix folder permission check for folder selector and create torrent
– Update search location for offline-ui mode
– Update onboarding tutorial experience
– Update to new tutorial video
– Fix “Select All” checkbox state by disabling when no torrents in view
– Fix displayed file size inconsistency on Windows

  •  Update VS CRT redistributable to version 17 (Windows 7 >=)
  • Update installer EULA
  • Update installer association handler to support license file extensions (.btwkey)
  • Improve file association handling to better apply default torrent handlers
  • Update built-in installer version
  • Fix crash that would sometimes occur when opening a file or magnet link on macOS

  • Feature: Add new user onboarding
  • Update Speed node link to use remote url instead of localhost
  • Bug: Fix notification popups to update language when language changed