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Win A Year’s Subscription to µTorrent Plus (worth $24.95!)


µTorrent is a tiny-yet-mighty BitTorrent client. It is our labor of love. If we had a mascot it would probably be a kitten-ninja hybrid with an awesome samurai sword and a sweet hat.

A few months ago we launched µTorrent Plus.  For a low annual subscription, we added several premium features that make µTorrent even better.  It’s like we took that ninja-kitten and gave it crime fighting super powers…and a bazooka…and…

Since my analogy is falling apart, I’m just going to list the features:

  • Set up a remote account and access your µTorrent library anytime, from anywhere from any device that has a supported browser.
  • Since Plus supports most popular file formats, view your HD content as it was meant to be: in high-definition. That’s like having an HDTV on your computer (plus, it’s much less expensive).
  • Move files from your torrent library and play them on popular devices including iPads, smart phones, even your own television.*
  • Protect your PC and torrent library from viruses. Not all torrent files are safe. With Plus, your torrent content is scanned, keeping your downloads safer from viruses, malware and other threats.

*Television playback when combined with Apple TV, Xbox or PS3.

Now for the fun part: Because we appreciate our loyal, dedicated, charming and ridiculously good-looking fan base, we are giving away five premium subscriptions (a $24.95 value each) as our way of giving you a virtual fist bump.  Get all the details about how to enter after the jump.

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All the Cool Kids Are Using µTorrent Remote


A few weeks ago we rolled out an overhaul to the µTorrent Remote interface for iOS. Check out all of these improvements by navigating over to on your mobile device. Go ahead…we’ll wait.

What is µTorrent Remote? It is a super-convenient, easy and secure way to add, remove, start, stop torrents and check your download progress from a mobile device or remote PC. Check your RSS feeds and start downloads while on the go, or use your mobile browser to find torrents, and they will automatically be added to your home µTorrent. If you are new to using µTorrent Remote, you can read the full walk-through after the break.

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So We Created a Blog…


A few days ago, the µTorrent team was hard at work making µTorrent tinier and mightier, when suddenly an email popped in to everyone’s inbox:


Two things ran through my mind when I read this email:

  1. Jordy (the guy who runs product management for µTorrent) really needs to stop forwarding us emails from his mother…and…
  2. OMG kitty!

It got me thinking: What if the µTorrent team wanted to share crazy cat photos with our awesome users? The obvious answer was to create an official µTorrent blog.

Of course, this will also be the place for you to check back for news, product updates, guides and tutorials…so don’t be a stranger.

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