From everyone on the µTorrent team, we are happy to announce a collaboration with our friends at PointsVille, the newest augmented reality (AR) and consumer rewards application. Now available on Google Play and the App Store, eligible µTorrent users can collect µTorrent-themed AR points through gamified experiences and special AR hunts in the PointsVille mobile app. 

Head over to the PointsVille website, download the app, and discover fun opportunities to collect µTorrent-themed AR points. For users in the United States, South Korea, Russia and Brazil, we have set up special AR hunts in select cities to collect even more points. Get them while they last! 

µTorrent has a New Website!

From all of us on the µTorrent team, we are happy to introduce a new and improved website. Available at, we’ve introduced several performance upgrades to make the site more accessible. Whether you’re running Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android, it’s now easier to find and download the best torrent client for your needs. 

With an improved layout and new product menus for quicker site navigation, our goal was to help deliver the products you love more effortlessly than before. The mobile user experience has also improved for easier navigation throughout the entire site. 

In addition to simpler navigation on desktops and mobile devices, we have added support for more languages and provided a deeper level of product information. Now it’s easier to find the best torrent client for your level of experience and needs. We invite you to check out our site and hope you like it. If you have any feedback, please send us a note here.

If you are a holder of BUSD, we are pleased to announce that you can purchase µTorrent Classic Pro, Pro+VPN or Ad-Free with Binance’s USD-backed stablecoin. With the help of, a leading integrated payment gateway provider for cryptocurrencies, BUSD joins TRX, BTC, BTT, OKB and BNB as the cryptocurrencies we currently accept. Alongside the addition of BUSD, we are replacing BNB (ERC20) with the faster and more liquid BNB (BEP2) as a payment option. 

To celebrate the addition of BUSD and BNB (BEP2), we are discounting µTorrent Classic Pro by 25% on all crypto-based purchases for a limited time. µTorrent Classic Pro takes our desktop torrent client and adds several features, including advanced malware protection, no ads, an HD media player, premium support and more. To purchase using one of our supported cryptocurrencies, please click here.

We are pleased to announce our BitTorrent Live streaming service, which will allow you to create live content and connect on mobile devices with people who share common interests. The service will allow for continuous live streaming anywhere users can get internet access, and you will be able to engage directly with the broadcasters to…

#VoiceYourLove is a campaign to raise awareness for ALS and one of its many debilitating symptoms: losing the ability to speak. We’re on a mission to uncover a cure while serving, advocating for, and empowering people affected by ALS. We challenge you to get involved by making a donation and voicing your love for those important to you….