Introducing µTorrent 3.2

Greetings, fellow µTorrent users.

Just in time for the 4th of July, we’re releasing µTorrent 3.2.0.

Improvements over 3.1.3 include:

  • Loading a torrent with many files is faster
  • Torrenting works better on network shares
  • Numerous security and stability improvements
  • Streaming works on more players, and with improved seeking ability
  • Plus products: Improvements to antivirus updates, copying files to iTunes, and performance of conversion pane
  • First stage of improvements to the Add Torrent dialogue
    • Add torrent window remembers its location
    • Magnet link contents now pre-loaded in add-torrent dialogue

Of course, we are already busy making the next version of µTorrent for you,
so if you have any ideas about what µTorrent can do for you, please check out our Idea Bank:

Or, if you have a frustrating bug or use case, drop by our forums:

We hope you enjoy using utorrent as much as we enjoy making it!

Written by: Adam Kelly

Adam is the lead software engineer on the µTorrent Windows client team. He also has the most experience battling sharks of any engineer in the office.

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5 Responses to “Introducing µTorrent 3.2”

  1. drizzy

    I download and install utorrent and when i try to download a torrent file it wont download at the bottom of the utorrent software i see ” DHT: waiting to log in” I uninstall utorrent and install it again but it still wont work i dont know what else to do, Can someone help me please

  2. momar

    can you make the downloadings faster please it takes much time

  3. Richard Bunney

    I have just upgraded to u torrent 3.2 but wondered how you access torrents (CD’s etc.) to download.

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