It’s Here. Announcing the Native µTorrent Application for Android.

A while back we introduced µTorrent Remote for Android which allows users to manage their torrents from their phone. We received a lot of great feedback, but the most popular question was:  “When will a fully featured µTorrent Client be available for Android?”

For the past few months our engineers have been hard at work developing a mobile BitTorrent app that is worthy of the name “µTorrent.” In order to live up to our high standards, we knew that the app would need to be fast, lightweight, powerful and better than anything else currently on the market. After months of hard work (and copious amounts of coffee) we are proud to release µTorrent Beta for Android to the Google Play store.

µTorrent Beta for Android offers several features such as:

  • Fast, easy on-the-go downloading of torrents
  • No speed or size caps on downloads (mobile data limits still apply)
  • RSS subscriptions
  • Instant access to our growing library of featured content

We are very excited to add uTorrent for Android to our mobile product arsenal that is already reaching almost 4 million users. If you have any comments, feature requests or bug reports (this is in beta after all), let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

Android app on Google Play

Written by: Dan

Dan is the Digital Creative Manager for BitTorrent Inc. He can usually be found writing blog posts, updating BitTorrent Labs, or browsing Reddit when he thinks no one is looking. He likes working at BitTorrent because they let him keep his Star Trek bobble heads on his desk.

13 Responses to “It’s Here. Announcing the Native µTorrent Application for Android.”

  1. Steve

    Apple being the totalitarians they are, would never allow this on their iTunes store.

  2. JES

    It would be nice if you followed the Android style guidelines, but whatever. Not like they’re there for a reason.

  3. Geoff

    I agree with the other comments: awesome concept and glad to have it, but really could look much better. You did well listening to feedback after uTorrent Remote by releasing a dedicated Android uTorrent app, I hope you listen to the feedback here and update the app to not look like it was designed to run on Donut.

  4. socalsally

    I have not been able to find an option to turn off seeding; preferably selective seeding. Could someone from the uTorrent team please post here and clarify? Or anyone else who might know! Thanks! 🙂

  5. maroon1

    The android version of utorrent lacks scheduler feature

    Are u going to add this feature in the future ?

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