Now Available: µTorrent version 3.4.3

The latest release of µTorrent is now available and has the following updates:

  • New installer updates
  • Network traffic reduction
  • DHT fixes and updates
  • Update to version 3.4.3

As mentioned in our blog on March 28, the Epic Scale Partner offer has been permanently suspended. This means that as long as you are downloading µTorrent directly from us, the Epic Scale partner offer will not appear.  This new release is in part to make it easy for our users to identify which version of μTorrent to pursue. It is important to note that if you are not downloading μTorrent software directly from us, that some third party distributors may have the older version with the Epic Scale offer.

This would only be a very small number, but to be sure you are installing the version you want, look for 3.4.3 or download directly from us.

Written by: Jordy Berson

Jordy is the VP of Product Management for µTorrent.