A New Version of µTorrent (and BitTorrent) Android with Remote Capability is Available

One of the product goals for BitTorrent over the last year has been to better unify our desktop and mobile products. We are proud to announce a new version of µTorrent (and BitTorrent) for Android that does just that. To get the apps, please go to the Google Play store: µTorrent | BitTorrent.  The new version allows you to remotely pair µTorrent Android with µTorrent on your Windows home computer. Once the pairing is complete, you can quickly add, remove, start and stop downloads on your home computer with your Android device from wherever you are. The feature also allows you to check the download progress of files at home. Let’s take a quick look at how the pairing setup works, which only takes a few seconds:

Step #1
Open µTorrent on your Android device and your Windows home computer, then make sure both your Android and Windows device are on the same wifi network. Tap on the computer icon in the top right corner of your µTorrent for Android. A window will popup with a 4 digit PIN code.


Step #2
Go to your Windows home computer and find the popup window labeled ‘Connect to your device’, then enter the 4 digit PIN code that was provided to you on your Android device. Now you are paired and ready to add, pause, resume, and delete torrents from anywhere!


If you anticipate wanting to add downloads from your Android device, we encourage you to keep your Windows home computer on and µTorrent open and running. This ensures that when you add a download(s) on the go from your Android device, µTorrent on your home computer will be able to jump into action.

Also included in this release are various bug fixes and enhancements, so we encourage everyone to update to the newest version as soon as possible. We are already working hard on the next version, so please lookout for things like a redesign to make the app easier to use, a re-imagined video and music library, and more in the coming months. If you’re an iPhone user, look out for an exciting announcement soon as we get closer to launching our new iOS app. From everyone on the BitTorrent team, we thank our community for making our Android products some of the World’s most popular apps on the Google Play store!