We are pleased to announce our BitTorrent Live streaming service, which will allow you to create live content and connect on mobile devices with people who share common interests. The service will allow for continuous live streaming anywhere users can get internet access, and you will be able to engage directly with the broadcasters to give instantaneous feedback, comments and virtual gifts. 

“Imagine chatting with your favorite athlete, becoming immersed in a music festival, or meeting new friends to share your passions – all by simply firing up the BitTorrent Live app,” said Justin Sun, CEO of BitTorrent. “Our strong foundation of decentralized technology will allow us to fulfill our vision of a boundary-free internet while being at the forefront of a new content experience.”

In the coming months, BitTorrent Live also will incorporate blockchain technology to enable cryptocurrency to be used as a payment option. Our plan is to roll out BitTorrent Live globally in phases. If you are interested in enrolling in the early beta program, please visit https://www.bittorrent.com/live/ and sign up! 

#VoiceYourLove is a campaign to raise awareness for ALS and one of its many debilitating symptoms: losing the ability to speak.

We’re on a mission to uncover a cure while serving, advocating for, and empowering people affected by ALS. We challenge you to get involved by making a donation and voicing your love for those important to you.

“The loss of my sister drove me to do something meaningful in the fight against ALS,” says Frank Bailinson, director of product management at BitTorrent.

Today, we at TRON and BitTorrent are happy to join Bailinson in that fight. We’re serving as proud sponsors for a remarkable awareness and fundraising campaign called #VoiceYourLove. In conjunction with The ALS Association, we’re joining our voices in the effort to end the deadly effects amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Rather than directing his loss inward, Bailinson is the inspiration and guiding hand for a collaboration between ALS, BitTorrent and TRON that would raise awareness of the always-fatal disease and create a donation drive to help causes working to find a cure.

“When I presented the idea of using the 100 million-plus BitTorrent and TRON community to do an awareness and fundraising campaign, it received great internal support,” Bailinson says.  “I immediately reached out to The ALS Association in Washington, and over the next six months, we developed a close relationship that ended up by conceiving the VoiceYourLove concept.

Kicking off in time for Valentine’s Day celebrations of love and affection, #VoiceYourLove challenges people to use their phone or tablet to create a video expressing love for people who’ve been meaningful to their lives – whether that’s family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. For those who wish to donate, voiceyourlove.org is the official campaign website.

We’ve already attracted support from Renée Zellweger and Courteney Cox and expect more will come onboard. Over the next several days, we will be reaching out to our community through all the channels we have available.

We also are launching a special ALS version of BitTorrent Web that features the celebrity videos, and we are engaging users inside our popular Windows desktop client and Android application to spread the word.

Justin Sun, CEO of BitTorrent and founder of TRON, is donating $250,000 to advance ALS research. He’s challenged people with means in the blockchain and tech industries to do the same.

Says Bailinson: “It’s Valentine’s Day this week, and I know that many people diagnosed with ALS often lose their ability to speak. Now’s the time to speak for them – and to speak out in support of a great cause like curing ALS. I’m doing my part to honor my sister and her memory, and I hope you can join me in doing the same by being a part of #VoiceYourLove.”

We are pleased to announce that CoinPayments now supports BitTorrent (BTT), enabling millions of customers around the world to use BitTorrent (BTT) to purchase goods and services from hundreds of online merchants.

As we already work closely with CoinPayments to accept TRON (TRX), Bitcoin (BTC), and Binance (BNB) for our premium products, today customers can also pay in BitTorrent (BTT) for both BitTorrent and µTorrent Ads Free and Pro products.

“Coming this summer, BitTorrent Speed will be implemented into our popular Windows-based µTorrent Classic client to create a healthier ecosystem and a foundation where content creators can distribute their work directly across the web,” said Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent. “In advance of this highly anticipated release, we look forward to working with CoinPayments and other partners to make BitTorrent (BTT) liquid in the online marketplace before BTT is fully integrated into our desktop and mobile products.”

To learn how to purchase BitTorrent or µTorrent Ads Free or Pro using TRX, BTT, BNB, or BTC, please visit our short step-by-step guide we published a few months ago.

We are proud to announce the expected release for BitTorrent Speed and our new crypto token, planned to be widely available by summer. BitTorrent Speed, software that connects and rewards users with BitTorrent (BTT) tokens, will be available on the popular µTorrent Classic Windows client and will create the world’s largest blockchain application for speedy uploading and downloading of files.

“With BitTorrent Speed, we aim to strengthen the BitTorrent protocol and then deliver more features that inspire innovation across industries,” said Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent. “More than 100 million users soon will have the opportunity to be part of a boundary-free internet that supports personal privacy and connection around the world.”

With BitTorrent Speed, the BitTorrent protocol client will be able to receive tokens for “seeding” files for longer periods. With tokenized incentivization for seeding files, download speeds on peer-to-peer networks can get faster and become more readily available.

BitTorrent Speed is undergoing extensive testing on the network to make it as seamless and reliable to users as the current client, according to Justin Knoll, head of BitTorrent Speed development.

“When users gain access to BitTorrent Speed, they will be blown away by the improvements we’ve made to the client they know and love today,” Knoll said.

BTT will be exclusively available to non-U.S. accounts on Binance Launchpad, the token sale platform, by leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance on January 28th, 2019, 7 AM PST.

The new tokenized features are backward-compatible with previous versions and will not affect users’ ability to download or seed. BitTorrent Speed will become available on other BitTorrent clients by late 2019.

For more information visit www.bittorrent.com/btt. Stay up to date on the latest news about BitTorrent token on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

We are proud to announce that customers can pay for µTorrent Pro and Ads Free with TRX, BNB, or BTC. With the help of CoinPayments.net, a leading integrated payment gateway provider for cryptocurrencies, µTorrent introduces decentralized currencies into one of the world’s largest decentralized applications. Here’s a short tutorial on how to purchase: Step 1….

BitTorrent has always been a strong advocate of open internet values. We believe in an internet that is free of restrictions, censorship, and supports free speech. Today we donated $10,000 to Donatefornetneutrality.com, which will help efforts to mobilize the community to contact their Congress members who have the power to protect net neutrality. We urge…

We are proud to announce that µTorrent Web surpassed 1,000,000 daily active  users. Having officially launched our Web-based torrent streaming client  last month, we saw a sharp increase in adoption of µTorrent Web in the  late stages of the beta through the full release. µTorrent Web helps  users quickly download and play torrent files, including the…