[Limited Offer] Free-For-Life P2P Backup For Your Computer (because we like you)

After years of secretly watching the annual ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ special, I finally get to have my own Oprah moment.  Today µTorrent is giving away free licenses for Digital Lifeboat.

Yup.  Free.  Digital Lifeboat is a file backup service that securely stores (and restores) your digital content.  That includes your photos, music, important documents, home videos and more.

Did we mention free?  We mean it. No purchase necessary, no credit card and no upsells.  Scouts honor.  All we are asking for is your feedback in the comment section below.

This is a limited offer.  We only have 1000 free licenses available so act fast.

UPDATE: All the free lifetime licenses we had are now gone, but you can still get 10 GB free with the following installer:

For more information about the product, please visit:

For any support issues:

Written by: Dan

Dan is the Digital Creative Manager for BitTorrent Inc. He can usually be found writing blog posts, updating BitTorrent Labs, or browsing Reddit when he thinks no one is looking. He likes working at BitTorrent because they let him keep his Star Trek bobble heads on his desk.

150 Responses to “[Limited Offer] Free-For-Life P2P Backup For Your Computer (because we like you)”

  1. Rui Andrade

    The interface looks straightforward to work with and it appears to be a safe way of inexpensively outsource your data, and thus be prepared for an unexpected disaster. Great product!

  2. Shogan

    Got to love more backup options for those rare files

  3. Robert Burrell

    I love utorrent! it does what it is supposed to and doesnt eat up a ton of memory in my computer

  4. Øksemanden

    This thing seems great. Commenting just to get the free license 😛

  5. vali

    Very interesting. Thank you for offering me this facility. It’s sth that a netbook user really needs!

  6. James

    Hey, this looks pretty nice – I like the UI, it’s very clean and intuitive, and it’s very easy to get started. Thanks for showing this to us!

  7. Tom E. Fritz

    I’ll tell you what I think once I use it. I’m just posting to let you know that I am Downloading

  8. Colin Bennett

    I’m always looking for a good cloud backup service, uTorrent has been great as client so I’m more than happy to give Digital Lifeboat a try.
    If it works half as good as uTorrent I will be very happy.

  9. Ryan

    Haven’t looked much into it, but it looks like a great programs and if I could get one of the licenses it would awesome!

  10. Rok

    been using utorrent for years and have never had a issue with it

  11. Andre Uppman


    This is just awesome, just the other day filled up my external drives, perfect timing!

    And Utorrent is definitely the best BitTorrent client on the market, and for free(except premium)!
    Been using it for years now, and it´s so easy to use in comparison to other clients (:

  12. Travis

    Really cool offer. I’ve been using uTorrent since before the BitTorrent acquisition, and it’s great to see a company doing this.

  13. Srdjan

    Wow, this is awesome! Keep up the good work, guys, this is the light tower of free speech and freedom on the internet. Such an awesome idea 🙂

  14. TechHouse

    Hello I signed up and it says i have the free for lifetime…. does this include all the benefits of a premium membership? or is it a limited premium?

  15. Koustabh Sahoo

    its really awesome how could i get free license?

  16. david lutchen

    Once again you guys are great, keep it 7p and thank you.

  17. Beau Kraus

    Wow, thanks for this! I’ve been looking for an easy, no brainer backup solution for my pc for sometime now and this definitely fits the bill!

  18. Michael

    Excellent giveaway! Now to see if I’m one of the lucky 1000!!

  19. Jonathan

    This is awesome, i’ve been wanting a good backup program. Thank you very much! 🙂

  20. austin

    You guys are awesome for doing this. Its great! ive been paying for different backup service but free would be amazing!!!

  21. Tom E. Fritz

    Is that it? I downloaded it and installed it. I’ll try adding some things to it.

  22. Billy

    Looks great so far thanks, for letting me know about it.

  23. Aaron C.

    THANKS GUYS! I downloaded the installer from the link posted and it worked like a charm! Quick, fast installation, and I automatically became a Member for Life. I have unlimited memory now 😀

  24. Josh Redd

    This is Great! thank you so much! Now I can free up a little space from less important files that i dont constantly need! THANKS!!!!!

  25. Colin Bennett

    After now installing the software it is very easy to use and default install just runs in the background.
    but for more advance use it’s easy to choose which files to backup

  26. Adam

    Thank you very much, always looking for extra storage

  27. squalicorax

    Thanks. Will test it out. Is there a way to limit the upload?

  28. saruzaru

    the premium package is free, or what is? i don;t get it.

  29. Matt

    I’m in. It’s free. There’s no downside. But is it just the 10gb offer or unlimited?

  30. SDalton

    Thanks guys! This is just what I needed! Already backing up!

  31. Corn Flake

    I love the new features of uTorrent such as the automatic transcoding for consoles, but the ads cheapen the experience. I have always used uTorrent but the ads put you in the same boat as clients such as Vuze.

    Always loved what you guys have done. Keep up the good work.

  32. Emerson

    Great service with unlimited storage, no limitations, and it works fine!

    Downloaded, registered and now my account says “Status: Free for life” 😀

  33. Brandon

    Thanks for the offer! You guys have always been my favorite!

  34. LarryT

    This programme has helped me launch myself in my digital career in a country with small data caps. People can download my content at controlled rates and get it all without having to do it over and over again. Makes it so much easier to get more clients

  35. Radie

    So I installed it, and registered through the program, now what? How do I know if I got the unlimited lifetime licence?

    • Radie

      I was able to check it through the website, this is very cool. 🙂
      Is there an approximate date set for a mac release? Or was that never in the picture?

  36. Theric

    How long does it take to complete the scan I downloaded the app and says its scanning but nothing has been backed up

  37. Jason Wallwork

    Amazingly easy install. I use Mozy Home right now but only get 2 GB with it for free and they don’t have an unlimited option. This is the cheapest unlimited I’ve ever seen. But I can’t figure out how to refer friends for that extra 1 GB for each friend. I could be wrong but the beta looks like it’s prepared to backup all 233 GB of my files. At my upload speed that will probably take several weeks.

    Anyway, appreciate the chance to try it out.

  38. Alex

    I feel obliged to give feedback.
    Couldn’t register with an alias email (like anonymous+digitallifeboat@email.com). I’ve selected a (large) folder to back-up but nothing has been transferred yet (it’s scanning GBs). It lacks a minimize-to-tray option. The default menu is separate from the files menu (of what to back-up). The selection GUI is straight-forward, showing an expandable directories trees and a checkbox next to them. The installation was quick. The default menu tab does the same job as the tabs themselves, providing buttons to the other menus. It sounds easy to use as the tutorial (automatic) instructs, operating as a shell extension ( via the context menu of documents (right-click)). The back-up tab menu has three delay options (pause backup for…) that I don’t know if I’ll ever use, but actually seems likely since I do a similar thing with Dropbox but deactivate it altogether. The FAQ informs me back-up files are stored invisibly on other members’ computers and it can only be hoped that this is handled smoothly and even with utilitarianism such that natural limits will grow as the user-base grows. I haven’t hit a file-size limit.
    These are my first impressions.

  39. salford gunstar

    r3tro i would love your job man, working for best site on the planet FACT, hope im posting comment in right place for giveaway,

  40. Kripster

    I don’t have any feedback because I just downloaded it but so far, so good!

  41. Danny Hollingsworth

    Awesome product just as good if not better than the competition! Would recommend to frends!

  42. oliver mia

    P2P back up? so the back up is located in a lot of other people’s computer?

  43. Zacc Bowen

    would not let me install it. said the following: we’re sorry. we’ve encountered a problem we cannot resolve. please contact support at “insert email address”.

  44. Gspawn

    Go uTorrent team. I really want to get in the beta team. Thx.

  45. Piero

    Thanks for giving this link, we all appreciate being able to save files online.

  46. Danz207

    So we just install that and we get unlimited storage?

  47. Aashish

    Got my piece of cake 🙂
    Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. Sharath

    I would definitely like to get that. Love utorrent

  49. Matt B

    It’s a good idea to keep some sort of backup and Digital Lifeboat is a good choice. Easy to use

  50. salman

    the program looks okay .but there should be a way to automatically compress the files to save time uploading it? still free is free .i would love to have it for free 😛

  51. Shane

    Hey torrent kings,
    First of all, thanks heaps, cool offer. Appreciate it muchly. Cloud backup is where it’s at.

    Now. I downloaded this software, but I am wondering since you say it’s a limited offer and all, where will i find a serial key/license file for this software so they know I downloaded this through you?

    I’m currently away from my PC but i downloaded the .EXE to my mac, to transfer it over when I’m at my pc. Perhaps an e-mail answer would be better since I may not come back to this page. Although I’m sure the public would love to see the reply too since I’m guessing this may be a question on others’ minds.

    Thank you so much!
    Kind Regards,
    -Shane of Australia

  52. Chris Wilkinson

    seems too good to be true but i’m uploading now and will review the service once i’ve got to know how good it is

  53. Joni Finne

    Took the bait and trying to get my files “back-up’d”
    Seems quite slow at the moment : /
    Not sure if it will work.

  54. dbg

    OK, I installed the software from the above link and setup a DLB account, but how can I verify that I have the free licence and what exactly does that mean anyhow?

  55. dbg

    I asked a question, which has not been published, never mind answered – is there any good reason for this?

  56. JD

    i love the service u guys are offering shows how much u really care about your users and the community thank you very much

  57. Giblet

    Wow, awesome!
    Thumbs up for your Optrah moment 😉

  58. suraj

    utorrent has been my best friend since 2006! its the fastest P2P software I’ve used and trust me I’ve tried out almost every single one available!!! torrent is by far the best! keep it up guys 🙂

  59. James Chong

    This will actually get me into exploring online backup solution! Thanks µTorrent for bringing this offer 🙂

  60. hsabian

    vir gratis?kostenlos? Is there anything in this world that is free? There must be a trick here somewhere;);)! Thanks in advance anyways!

  61. Shane Cote

    Absolutely awesome! I’ve been looking for this type of service for the longest time; who knew uTorrent would? Well, thank you so much people at uTorrent, you’ve made me a happy camper lol.

  62. Amit Dahan

    Daily uTorrent user, would love to see this Lifeboat in action.

  63. DJ Schmidt

    easiest way to keep your files from being lost. saved all my pics and music when i had to rebuild my laptop. so thankful to have Lifeboat

  64. Justine Neil Afable

    Free-For-Life backup! That is awesome!

  65. Hyperj

    This is pretty cool 🙂 definitely outranks carbonite by a long shot hope to get the license key!

  66. Nigel Yong

    I like the idea that my stuff is automagically backed up. I’ve been using a few services recently but many of them can’t offer me more than a token of 2GBof space. Looks like Digital Lifeboat has the space I so sorely need!

  67. Andrew

    Seems to take quite a while in scanning the files I selected, it makes me wonder what exactly it is looking for. For it too take so long in scanning the files I have selected. Thx for the free gift though…
    Nice 1.

  68. Aditya Sharma

    You guys just don’t stop blowing our mind. The installer is very small and doesn’t seem to add any load on the system. I just had to select a few folders and that was it. Now the files will always be backed up 😀
    Well lets get to the bugs. Firstly I am on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 operating system. As soon as I installed the software I started the control center. It had scanned and detected my files. Just to try out the file selector I just decided to add a random folder. The software successfully scanned it too but for some reason has been stuck on 0% upload. I have waited for like 30 mins and its still on 0%. I have an upload speed of 60kbps so it may take sometime. If the files start uploading or not, I will let you know.
    In these times of hard drive shortage its really more economical to buy the premium (Unlimited) version of Digital Lifeboat then pay hundreds for a backup drive.

  69. Aditya Sharma

    Hi again, I hope you have read my previous comment. I just wanted to inform that the upload is still stuck at 0% and its been more then an hour 🙁

  70. Alfonso Feliz Mendez

    Nice product. Low memory footprint which is good for my old pc. However, it doesnt have file sharing features like that of sugarsync and dropbox. But it does it’s job anyway, so it’s still good. 😀

  71. LossAngeles

    I’m not too crazy about how this Windows service won’t stop on command. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to stop a service.

  72. LossAngeles

    This is a dog. A clunky interface with no stop or start for the Windows service… a service that does not stop properly and finally a frozen interfaced requiring a manual process kill. While I liked the idea of a distributed P2P cloud technology, this is not ready for prime time.

  73. LossAngeles

    One other concern I have is of their TOS. It looks like it was written by a lawyer who has never read the Company’s mission statement.

    Example, while your data is encrypted and ‘safe from prying eyes’ there is a content disclaimer and all kinds of rubbish about copyrights etc etc etc. The also say they reserve the right to remove such content … but how would anyone but myself , know of such a violation unless OTHERS including themselves are some how mining the data for information??? Huh?

    Another item which tells me I can’t rely on this service is a disclaimer for taking down the service. So I’m supposed to rely on a backup solution through a service provider that clearly states they can shutdown any day of the week and I’m SOL? Nice but not for me =)

  74. Chris Wilkinson

    Installed DL on friday afternoon, it scanned my laptop easy enough, but when it came to backing up my 515Gb of data it got to 42Mb on saturday morning and has been stuck at that level since then. I am now trying only backing up one folder at a time, but having no joy with that as it just re scanned the folder i chose but as yet has uploaded precisely zilch

    • Aditya Sharma

      Hi Chris I had a similar issue. If you are also on windows 7 just end the process from task manager and then restart the Control center with “Run as Administrator”. Let me know if this solves the issue.

      • Brian

        I had the same problem once it got to 42.5 MB it just stopped, however it is doing the arrows indicating it is backing up, but it still stays at 42.5 MB. I tried ending the process and restarting it as an administrator but have had no luck. 🙁

  75. MTC

    Not bad, but better to have a progress bar, some clear info of how many data you could upload and maybe a click to view list of things that are chosen to upload

  76. Vijayant

    really cools service is being provided free by the coolest p2p software “uTorrent” wow thanks !!!

  77. ben

    Love the program, just downloaded and installed. Seems safe and legit. Looks simple, quick and easy. Thanks for the share Utorrent, love it! Can’t wait to see where it goes when it is out of beta 😀 Thanks for informing me of this awesome, simple way to backup my files online safely 😀

    • Brian

      I would try using a different Email and trying again because I just got mine last night. Let me know if it works! 🙂

    • Brian

      I would try using a different Email and trying again because I just got mine last night. Let me know if it works!

  78. Gabriel K

    I used to use Windows, and uTorrent was hands-down my favorite torrenting program. I have a couple of things to submit though:

    You should make uTorrent support multiple connections like Vuze does; it’s really a boon when you have a slow wired connection and the neighbor’s slow wireless and you combine it into 500kb/s.

    Also, pay attention to some of us Linux people! It wouldn’t be too much to make a .deb for uTorrent end-user, instead of the .tar of the server! You could even add it to the repositories for easier access by people trying linux for the first time who don’t like Transmission. Otherwise, we’re all stuck with Deluge…

  79. Marshall Musyimi

    Wow looks like a great idea. About to try it. Where do I get the license???

  80. Simon

    Seems to do the job. Not a fan though of the fact that the software cant be stopped/started on demand, or the fact that it continues to scan a folder, even after excluding it from the backups.

  81. Frank

    Huh, this seems promising. Bless your hearts. You are all gentlemen and scholars.

  82. dan

    just downloaded and its pretty simple and easy to use. i like it…

  83. Chris

    This is such a great offer! I’m quite flattered, thank you. 😀

  84. Steven Rowe

    Are you kidding me?!?!?!? WTF UNLIMITED DATA FOR 39.95/YR??? I have 7TB to get out…. is that a problem??? 😀

  85. Adam

    I like it, it gives 10 gb of free storage and an easy windows explorer menu for management.

  86. Frozzy

    Heya, this looks pretty neat. Have been needing to find a decent backup service that’s free. Just curious if this uses the bittorrent protocol to transfer files or how it works. I know that you get a free account but it doesn’t seem to be working for me, not sure if you have to send me something for it to work or what but according to the site it’s supposed to be free anyway so not sure what’s up.

  87. Frozzy

    Bah, thought I responded already but I guess NoScript blocked it the first time around. Just checking in. I grabbed the app, seems like it’s alright. File selection area is kinda buggy and by buggy I mean slow and messes up if you check things quickly in succession or click then unclick and click again (same stuff or clicking a parent folder of a sub folder). I’m down to test the crap out of it if I can get it to work. The free version isn’t even backing up anything so not real sure if it’s just down right now or what’s going on. I know it’s in a test version so error logs etc. probably aren’t available but it’d be nice if there was a way to view that kinda stuff even if it was just a text file. At any rate, do I need to do something to get access to the version mentioned here or is this just the “free” version already offered?

  88. Dawda

    Hmm.. My comment post dont show.
    Maybe this one will?
    The app seems good.

  89. Aditya

    Hi, I had installed the software and had been using it for a while, then due to an hard drive error I had to reinstall Windows 7 operating system. As soon as my pc was up and running I installed digital lifeboat but my account recognized this pc as a dfifferent one and I don’t have unlimited storage in this one. Can I replace or change my pc’s, if yes then how???

  90. Dean

    Great to share and download large files that otherwise take just too long to download from the internet.

  91. Bella La Femme

    utorrent is the SH*T ive tried MANY MANY others, and Utorrent is the most reliable, and it never changes! what a great offer..OOHH I HOPE I GET A FREE DLB LICENSE!!!

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