Security: Help Us Protect You

The µTorrent client is one of the most popular applications on the Internet. Hundreds of millions of users are torrenting everyday and many of them are using µTorrent to do so. All of us at BitTorrent realize the importance of our products in the daily lives of our users and want to make sure we do everything we can to protect you.

We develop our applications based on latest software security best practices and we regularly test our applications for security vulnerabilities. This enables us to deliver a secure and reliable application that can be used with confidence. Having said that, we want to hear from our users, security experts and hackers! To help us protect our users, we ask you to talk to us.

We invite everybody to report any security vulnerability (confirmed or unconfirmed) to us. Just send an email to security – at – bittorrent – dot – com with the details of the vulnerability.

Written by: Farid Fadaie

Farid is the head of product for BitTorrent Bleep.

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  1. Nat Figger

    uTorret is the best program ever! I’ve told my friends and teachers about it. It’s got a very nice GUI interface, it’s very easy to use too!

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