Introducing µTorrent Pro, now for $19.95 and including a Streaming beta

As of today, our new premium subscribers for µTorrent will notice an upgrade: The debut of our new µTorrent Pro tier, available for $19.95 per year.

Replacing µTorrent Plus, the new and redesigned Pro (available for Windows users only) includes a beta version of Instant Streaming for users to watch or preview torrent files, such as BitTorrent Bundles, as they download. Other Pro features include built-in virus protection, an HD player and file converter to play files across all platforms – including mobile and Apple TV.

You will notice a few additional updates: our website now has a new look and feel to give it a more modern design, and we have launched a new Help Center designed to aid users in getting the most out of the client.

µTorrent Pro will continue to be updated with new features as we continue to work to make it the best experience. Pro users will gain early access to these updates at no extra charge.

While our free users have access to our new Help Center to research solutions to their issues, Pro will continue to have access to our Customer Support Team for one-on-one assistance with any technical or billing-related issues you encounter.

Existing Plus users can already access this new Pro tier, but the change requires uninstalling and reinstalling the software. We will have an auto-update available in the near future.

To recap, here are the features available exclusively to Pro users:

  • Stream instantly before downloads complete (beta)
  • Integrated HD media player and file converter
  • Automatic Anti-Virus Protection
  • Early access to cutting-edge features
  • Full customer support
  • No Ads

We’re committed to bringing the best experience to µTorrent, in design, features, and customer service. Stay tuned for more updates as they develop.
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Written by: Remi Del Mar

Remi is Product Marketing Manager for µTorrent and BitTorrent, an avid scuba diver, with a love for travel and rumi poetry.

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