uTorrent 3.4.5 – The Holiday Edition

Just in time for the holidays. This release of uTorrent pairs very well with eggnog, cheese logs, red coffee cups, and the N-Sync christmas album. This particular release is also very special because the version number is sequential. A uTorrent stable version number that is sequential is rare and doesn’t happen very often. It is meant to be treasured. It is basically the software equivalent of a blood moon, or Halley’s comet, or a Half Life game.

Moving on.

In this release, we focused on: bug fixes and stability updates. Seriously. We squashed a lot of bugs and stabilized all sorts of things.

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Not happy with generic release notes? Well, here are the all the dirty details. Go crazy kids:

  • Better use of system resources, improvements to stability
  • Improved handling of paid codecs and Antivirus activation for Pro users
  • Fixed incorrect accounting of wasted bytes when talking to peers
  • Fixed memory leaks in clients
  • Users were reporting a UI hang for RSS feeds (right-clicking on item)- fixed this
  • Fixed Pro status page rendering
  • Fixed a bug that prevented resizing of the left rail

 TL:DR: uTorrent is faster, better and more reliable

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Written by: Jordy Berson

Jordy is the VP of Product Management for µTorrent.

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  1. Robert Van Harskamp

    I have Utorrents Pro 3.4.5 build(413720 32 bit . If i download the new version will it automatically go to the new pro uTorrents My Ref is Ref no 74237481

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