Release Notes

– Fix a bug where users renewing pro key were not seeing renewal until grace period ended
– Display appropriate error messages for pro activation errors
– Fix pro player shown on top of the onboarding
– Update broken second-step for Pro onboarding
– Fix a bug where sometimes the pro player controls were floating upon client minimize

– Add missing Preferences->Directories checkbox to allow move target based on label.
– Fix a bug that prevented the torrent file move directory from being set independently of the torrent contents move directory.
– Fix security issue with the client pairing mechanism. Thank you to Simon Zuckerbraun – Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative for reporting.
– Fix bug that allowed primary labels with invalid characters to be used with torrent move feature

– Fixed rare crash that occurs while trying to retrieve torrent state
– Fixed a bug that would prevent Pro users from downgrading their license type
– Removed old BT Labs link from the help menu
– Restore default first startup view to the torrent list view

– Improvements for how resources are used by advertisements
– Additional on-boarding for new users.
– BitTorrent Bundles has become BitTorrent Now
– Ads can no longer generate pop ups or download content to disk.
– DHT update (BEP44)
– Bug fixes and stability improvements.

– Do not allow adding single file torrent from webinterface to uTorrent root directory (Security fix)

– Fix regression: move torrent after completion

– Fix potential crash when automatically restoring node selection

– Fix IE frame related crashes

– Mechanism to limit the resources used by Advertisement

– Fix a potential crash in .btsearch parsing

– Rewrote string classes for significant crash rate reduction
– Opportunity for users to report poor ads experiences to help us improve ad quality
– Cookie ingestion to improve ad relevancy, with option to opt-out
– Fixed behavior re: triggering browser in foreground when intended by user
– Improved detection of default browser
– Solved #1 Pro support issue (first license check) server-side 3/14
– Fixed crash in Remote for some users when adding a torrent file; resulted in connectivity issues

– Fixed broken label removal in the auto-label settings section
– Increased row height in main download view for better visibility
– Optimized list management for peers, PCs, and torrents- leading to improvements in performance
– Cleaned up columns in the main list view. Health, Rating, Label, AddedOn and Completed On columns are no longer default (can still be added manually)
– Fixed wolves
– Updated Devices page section’s text and icons

It is that time of year when we have to endure cold, miserable and relentless snowy conditions.

Or, if you live in California, you have to endure your out-of-state friends posting pictures of their cold, miserable and relentless snowy living conditions.

Either way, it is the perfect season for bundling up, grabbing a mug of spiked/hot cider, putting on some slow jams and…

Squashing bugs!

  • Fixed crash in Advanced settings (sometimes triggered when saving)
  • Fixed crash in the Devices page (sometimes triggered when adding a conversion device)
  • Fixed crash in the Devices page (sometimes triggered when setting up devices page but no conversion devices are configured
  • Fixed client hang (when uTorrent was left open for 2-3 hours, sometimes Internet Explorer would trigger a client hang)